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 |eRem|[EntityID]|Remove the entity|eRem:42| |eRem|[EntityID]|Remove the entity|eRem:42|
 |eYou|[EntityID]|Tells the player the ID of it's own entity|eYou:23| |eYou|[EntityID]|Tells the player the ID of it's own entity|eYou:23|
 +===== Difficulties =====
 +What seems so easy in small projects can make lots of problems in bigger ones. One of those things is something as simple as correctly closing the connection.
 +The simple version: The client tells the server that it is going to close the connection and then just closes the connection. The server receives this message and stops reading and writing on this connection and takes the neccessary actions in the game logic.
 +For some reason, although it is just implemented that way, it does not work without exceptions being thrown. The exceptions are handled correctly, but I don't like that solution. Some more time has to be put into this.
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