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This page describes what the game should look like if it's finished.


  • The world should technically have no size limit.
  • There are no loading times. Everything is just loaded when needed.
  • The world can easily be modified via an ingame editor.
  • The world consists of a rough ground texture and is decorated using decals.
  • The player logs in using his personal login and password.


See Story




  • Marine
  • Scientist
  • Mutant

Inventory system

  • Weight based inventory system
  • Weight affects for example movement speed
  • Lots of possibilities: Crafting/combining items, settings on items (e.g. fire rate vs. strength on an energy weapong)
  • Flexible wear system: from light wear over heavy armor to exoskeletons
  • Trading/Money
  • Banks for storing items and money
  • Tools, skill and blueprints required for advanced crafting

Skill system

  • No player levels
  • instead: skills that can be trained (e.g. run a lot to improve stamina, carry much weight to improve strenght,…)
  • At certain points, abilities that gain additional bonuses are unlocked.
  • Most abilities are passive, the gameplay is focused on tactics and the skill of the player.

Quest system

  • Besides the quests of the main story, there is a huge variety of side quests
  • Side quests are needed to earn enough money and skill to be able to master the main quests
  • Side quests are more creative than “kill 10 dogs” or “collect 5 feathers”
  • The player is needed to be proactive in order to solve some quests. (Talk to people, gather information…)
  • More creative rewards than only money and equipment. Information(Map data/help with other quests/Blueprints)? Respect?


Basically, there are humans, mutants and animals.

At the beginning, you will mostly fight Animals, because they are weak compared to nearly everything else you're going to encounter later.


Mutants are humans or animals that survived the radiation, but whose DNA has drastically changed because of that.

There are some weak mutants that are basically just dogs with disgusting bulges on their backs, but most of the mutants were hardened by the radiation. They developed resistance and some even the ability to derive energy from radiation. The variety of mutants is huge.


In normal fights, your corpse gets collected and revived in the next hospital if you die.

Bosses are so strong that if you lose, you can not be revived. Instead, your DNA is extracted and a clone is created. Because the needed laboratories are rare, it takes you some time to get back to where you were and pick up your gear.

This ensures that you can not retry bossfights very frequently.

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