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 This ensures that you can not retry bossfights very frequently. This ensures that you can not retry bossfights very frequently.
 +==== Achievements ====
 +Achievements are badges you get for doing special things. They often have creative names. There might be an actual reward, I don't know yet.
 +Some general achievements might be
 +  * Finish the Marine campaign "Now to the fun part"
 +  * Finish the Scientist campaign "I'm just doing my job"
 +  * Finish the Mutant campaign "Experiment over"
 +  * Kill at least 20 mutants in unter 5 seconds "Killing spree"
 +  * Kill at least 5 mutants with one explosion (from a grenade/rocket/..) "Kaboom!"
 +  * Do 10 side quests without continuing with your main quest "Holidays"
 +There are also special achievements that can only be earned at certain points in the game
 +  * Kill boss [insert name here] without using the [insert insanely strong equipment here] that [insert name here] offered to give to you. "I don't need that"
 +  * Travel from [insert place here] to [insert place here] without killing a single enemy "RUUUN!!"
 +  * Finish the quest [insert quest name here] without killing a single enemy "Don't disturb me!"
 +  * Rescue the wounded marine in the quest [insert quest name here] "leave no man behind"
 +  * Kill all mutants in the [insert building name here] during the [insert quest name here] quest "vermin exterminator"
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