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Here I jot down my ideas on the story of the whole game.


There are 3 campaigns: You can play a marine, a scientist or a mutant.


This campaign starts with the “training”, it teaches you how to play.

You are a marine, fully loaded with weapons, and are just starting a mission: wipe out all mutants in a small area. On the flight back to the marine headquarters some big ugly flying mutant hits the helicopter and it crashes.

You wake up in a hospital near your home, your first quest is to find out why you are not in the marine hospital. In order to get to your home, you have to pass a small hostile valley, so you are guided by the tutorial on how to buy, craft and trade things and how the skill system works.

On the way through the valley, you are tought how to fight and defend yourself and you learn something about enemies in general.

At home, you find two letters, one more mysterious than the other. The first letter is from the marine headquarters, telling you that you are suspended from service. The good thing: They transferred some money to your bank account. But there are even less banks than hospitals around these days, so you have to find one in order to get your money. The second letter is from a guy called [insert name here]. He tells you that he needs you, but nothing else. You assume that he made the marines suspend you.

After this quest, the tutorial part ends and you continue your adventure on your own.


The scientist is physically weak but still has to be able to defend himself from the cruel world. With his intelligence, he can craft weapons, armor and machinery to support his fragile body.

His adventure starts in his hidden lab in a basement below a small shack. He is constructing a contraption that can support his body so he is faster and stronger. There is one final part missing: Find it!

So he steps out of his shack and begins his journey to the next fortified settlement in order to find a special trader. He has to do the trader a favor in order to get his part…

He got back home and just finished his contraption when suddenly the earth begins to shake. Some big ugly flying mutant just destroyed his disguise: The shack above the lab. He tries to shoot it but has no success, the mutant leaves.

The scientist starts his adventure.


The mutant is basically an experiment. He is a normal human that has been mutated by scientists in a controlled environment. It turned out that it went quite well: The mutant has full consciousness and control over his body. The scientists can make modifications to his body to improve his abilities.

He can be either modified to be able to wield human weapons or to attack using claws, poison sacks or other biologically growable things.

He will not be attacked by most hostile mutants because they do net recognize him as an enemy, but the more intelligent mutants (e.g. bosses) do attack him. Also, some “friendly” humans will attack him outside of areas and settlements where he is known.

Start by doing quests for the scientists.

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