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About the Game

AfterFour is a two dimensional top-down Shooter with focus on roleplay elements. It is set in a post-apocalyptic scenario, the Name suggests that World War 4 has just ended. In both, the third and the fourth world wars nuclear weapons were used so huge parts of the world became inhabitable. The only places where live is possible using special suits are some deserts and the south pole, where nobody lived before the wars. Even the north pole became inhabitable during World War 3.

The radiation has produced human and animal mutants and those who are still healthy try to survive and fight them back. Anarchy, food shortages and the smell of rotten flesh rule the world. Can you help those poor people to stay alive just a little longer?

You take the role of a marine, a scientist or a mutant and start on an adventure through the unfriendly world.

For more information about the planned gameplay and features see Future Plans.

About the Project

The project AfterFour was started early in 2011 as a fun project but soon turned into something much more important: A school project that has to be handed in until May 9, 2011.

One of the main concepts is to make as much as possible and reasonable ourselves, for example the networking, the graphics (including particles), the entity system and even physics. This way, we can learn the most from the project, even though it won't be anything near perfect on the first try.

We had to use some libraries though, for example LWJGL as OpenGL wrapper, Slick for loading graphics and TWL for the HUD, but those are time consuming and boring to implement anyways.

We chose LWJGL instead of JOGL (which is a pure OpenGL wrapper) because it proveides us with the basics to start off with but is still low level enough that we can do everything OpenGL can do. It is also a dependancy of TWL, the GUI library of our choice. Besides OpenGL, it also provides OpenAL (for audio) and OpenCL (for GPU-accelerated calculations).

TWL was chosen after an extensive search because it was one of the few useable and feature rich OpenGL GUI libraries and seemed quite stable and easy to use.

Current state

At the moment, the game is what can be described as “the bare minimum” to actually be called a game. The player spawns on a big sand area, can move, fire a laser and throw grenades. The weapons damage other players and if a player dies, he is respawned.

Probably the coolest thing is the explosion effect which is achieved by using Tim's particle engine.

Video showing off the current development state

What's next? See Next Steps.



  • LWJGL - LeightWeight Java Gaming Library (opengl,openal,opencl,input)
  • Slick util library - Loading textures from files
  • TWL - Themable Widgets Library

Side Notes

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